We specialize in providing turn-key solutions for high-end residential and commercial projects in and around Montreal. We design, collaborate, procure and manage projects saving our clients valuable time while helping them avoid costly mistakes. Our style is modern with a classic touch. We love the juxtaposition of classic elements next to clean modern lines. This is what we believe gives a space soul and a sense of history.

From kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms to large commercial projects, we do it all! We welcome new project inquires both local and international. If you would like to learn more about our services and how we work please visit SERVICES.


Kelli Richards

Lead Designer/Owner

Kelli’s background is in the fashion industry. She worked and travelled for 15 years as a model. During her travels she picked up design inspirations from various cultures. Living in Japan really ingrained in her the power of minimalism and the peace that it can bring to one’s inner being.

In her designs she tends to select each piece very purposefully. Nothing should ever feel cluttered or messy unless it is a piece of art that is meant to observe.

After graduating from the interior design program at Lasalle Inter-Dec College in 2013, Kelli has worked on numerous projects both commercial and residential in Montreal as well as a few international projects.

Kelli is also deeply inspired by Italian architecture and design. Living in Italy after Japan really merged two worlds together “minimalism” and the beauty and elegance of “classical timeless design”.


Milad Jazaerian

Junior Designer

Milad has always been exposed to the arts after being raised in an architectural based family. He started out his academic years obtaining a health science degree, however, his love and passion for design kept nagging at him until he finally decided to make the leap and follow his true calling, interior design.

In 2013, he graduated from Lasalle Inter-Dec College in Montreal and along with Kelli, obtained his interior design degree.

After working on various projects and acquiring experience in the field, he joined Kelli Richards Design firm. His similar design style and passion for design made him an ideal fit for the firm.

His eye for detail brings an effortless charm and sophistication to projects. Milad also enjoys adding a masculine touch to his designs which blends beautifully with Kelli's style and vision, resulting in an interesting and bold interior.