Born and raised in Toronto, I always had a passion for Art and Design. Since I was young, I realized that I can completely change my mood simply by changing my surroundings and so I would do just that.

Painting my bedroom different colours became a hobby that soon expanded to repainting the hallways and bathrooms (without my parents’ knowledge). They were usually upset for five minutes or so until they actually stepped back and realized how much nicer it looked.

My belief is that every good design comes from inspiration. I have been very fortunate in my life to have lived in several interesting places around the world where I was inspired by the beautiful architecture and interior design.

Living in Japan taught me about the power of minimalism. It comes through in the way the Japanese talk, the way they dress, the food they eat as well as their architecture and design. Nothing is elaborate or flashy; it is subdued and evokes a sense of peace and harmony.

In Italy, there is a timeless elegance that comes through all of their designs. The buildings are so intricately detailed and beautiful without being overdone. The glass lighting fixtures produced in Murano are so impeccably made and can add drama and elegance to any space.

I am a modernist at heart and love pieces from the 1950’s through the 1970’s. However, I really enjoy crossing the line and mixing modern and classic pieces because I believe that makes for a much more interesting, soulful design.

When approaching a new project, I get to the heart of the matter by discovering what emotion the client would like to experience in the space and how I can improve their life through design. For me, exposing that emotion is what drives me.

Since graduating from LaSalle Inter-Dec College, I have completed various residential and commercial projects. While in school I was selected to present my restaurant design project at the SIDIM for Sicos’ New Talent Excellence Award. I am also an expert columnist at MovatoHome Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto HOME magazine’s website.

I am always looking for new projects and welcome inquiries regarding both commercial and residential opportunities. I hope you have enjoyed exploring my designs and I look forward to hearing from you!