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Kelli Richards

Principal Designer

Kelli Richards is the Owner and Principal Designer of Kelli Richards Designs, specializing in residential projects in and around Montreal. Kelli’s projects reflect her deep love of modern design mixed with a hint of elegance and sophistication.

Working in the fashion industry as a model for over a decade, Kelli has been immersed in various cultures which have no doubt influenced not only her personal design style, but also her philosophy and outlook on life.

“The most beautiful designs are blending both the past and present together, I love the juxtaposition of classic elements next to clean modern lines. This is what really gives a space soul and a sense of history.” ~ Kelli

For Kelli, Interior design is less about decoration and more about transformation and adaptation. Transforming and adapting a space to fit the needs of the client (even the ones they didn’t know they had) thereby, changing their lives. It is in this where Kelli’s passion and purpose lies.

After graduating from College Interdec’s Interior Design program in 2013 and winning a “New Talent Excellence Award” at the SIDIM, Kelli worked for another design firm before launching out on her own in 2014.

Since then, she has worked on numerous projects, both commercial and residential in Montreal as well as other parts of Canada and the US.

Kelli and her team design, collaborate, procure, and manage projects from concept to reality, saving her clients valuable time while also helping them avoid costly mistakes.