St. Antoine
Master Bedroom Furniture Design & Procurement
Elegant and sophisticated are the words we would use to describe this master bedroom. Our clients wanted to create a more updated, modern bedroom with a luxurious and cozy vibe in their home of many years. Since the architecture of the home was traditional we wanted to respect that history and ensure that the furniture and window treatments integrated seamlessly with the classical elements in the room.
The fireplace was updated with a new gas burner and marble surround and the original mantle was kept and simply painted along with the walls in order to preserve the character of the home.
Although the room was on the smaller side, we opted for a King size bed in order to maximize comfort for our clients. By simply selecting smaller side tables and a lower depth dresser, we were able to fit everything in nicely. One of our favorite pieces in this bedroom is the teal blue crushed velvet armchair which adds the perfect touch of color to this bedroom.
The gorgeous paintings on the walls are painted by local Montreal artist Pierre Bruneau. They were the perfect fit for this art loving couple. Every item in the room was carefully and thoughtfully selected by our team for its uniqueness, scale, beauty and originality. The ultimate stylish, elegant retreat!