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We are a full-service interior design firm meaning that we not only provide interior design services, but we also procure all the items we specify and manage your entire project to completion, insuring that our high standards of quality are met and every last detail is followed through to the end. We work with our own team of trusted trades and suppliers including both local and international manufacturers and artisans.

Our commitment to integrity in our business practices and transparency in our pricing sets us apart and facilitates trusting open relationships with our clients.

We recommend our own team because they are people that we trust and are confident in the quality of their workmanship, however, if you have your own contractor or team that you feel comfortable working with, we can work with them as well.

To learn more about how a project typically unfolds, please read How We Work.

For frequently asked questions please visit our FAQ page.

If you would like to inquire about working together, please fill out the New Client Questionnaire which will give us a better understanding of your needs. At that point we will be able to better assess your project and determine whether we are the right fit.

Our team is here for you if you have a project you want or need to complete. Now, more than ever before our homes are a place of safety and comfort and it remains our passion at KRD to help create beautiful, meaningful spaces to live and work.